Leadership is considered a skill that can be developed by any professional who adopts the proper posture and knows each one of the members of his team well. Team building is an activity that allows the development of leadership in a natural way since it enables decision making.

In organizations that have a good organizational climate, which is focused on excellence, the good results are achieved through the skills of its professionals, developed throughout its operations, generating greater productivity and agility and creating greater competence in all employees.

The role of the leader within organizations is to transform new strategies into action quickly, efficiently managing processes, optimizing team members’ commitment, and laying the groundwork for sustainable attitudes.

Through team building activities it is possible to develop new behaviors that can be very supportive in the day to day activities, allowing new leaders to develop and improve the performance of all employees.

For the leader, the main objective is to explain what should be done and, at the same time, to ask suggestions to the members of his team, managing the accomplishment of the tasks and this is a very seen attitude during the accomplishment of the activities of team building.

Because it is a necessity, the leader can understand that the tasks can best be performed when it serves as a stimulus and incentive for the members of his team.

The leader in team building and company

In the same way that a person acts in the team building activities, he will act during his tasks in the company. Their role is to create favorable conditions for their co-workers, listening to their co-workers and creating a climate where each one can speak out to improve the business environment.

We can see that any goal, in itself, does not provide enough motivation for employees. With the team building activities, people find the motivation to reconcile all the goals, seeking their fulfillment and this characteristic can be developed within the company.

For a leader, it is important to understand that he is responsible for the performance of each team member since it is he who will determine the individual tasks and, at the same time, lead the whole team to achieve the goals.

In team building activities, the professionals eventually find out what they need, most of the time, consider what is best for the team and not what each one wants.

By acting in this way, professionals may be more vulnerable, but as conscious people, they discover that they too can err and realize, over time, that the leadership experience becomes better and better when everyone cares about the conditions of its leaders.

How to form a good team with an excellent leader

The formation of a good team of work is made in four distinct phases, this being an experience that must be carried out during the team building activities and, consequently, applied in the company:

  • The formation of the team, when people are still getting to know each other and creating an identity for the team, as in team building, aligning the main values that will drive the work;
  • The potential team, at which point members begin to present their opinions, analyzing situations and becoming more flexible with their peers. In this condition, the leader still does not manifest itself concretely;
  • Standardization phase, when objectives are more defined and are shown more clearly. It is a stage in which the leader begins to manifest and aggregate the members of his team;
  • The high-performance team, which enables each one to understand their individual and collective participation, seeking to achieve the goals through leadership.
  • The team building activities allow the formation and maintenance of a team within the expectations necessary for the company to achieve its goals more quickly.