Any company knows that there is a need to invest in the technical training of its work team. However, they are not all that invest in the structural formation of the team, thinking about their behavior and the relationship between employees. Team building is the best way to bring a solution to this problem.

It is important to understand that in order to maintain an efficient and collaborative team, it is necessary to go beyond the development of each employee’s skills and abilities.

Team building is a form of training that does not offer fixed procedures or pre-determined training, that is, it is an activity that can not be explained and planned step by step.

When implementing this activity in the company, one must think about improving the team members’ integration, increase their motivation for the work and make them aware of their importance to the company.

Team building promotion process

In the promotion and implementation of team building within the company, it is interesting to follow some recommendations:

1. Establish a purpose for the members

The promotion of team building should begin with establishing a purpose, setting a goal that everyone should achieve. In this way it will be possible for everyone to be able to direct themselves and achieve better results.

It is important to understand, however, that it is necessary to have the involvement of all, committed to this goal, thus creating the necessary motivation so that everyone can offer what they have the best.

2. Promote training outside the company

Usually, the training take place inside the company or in a defined place, but always a formal environment, that does not offer conditions of descontraĆ§Ć£o. The company should take advantage of a weekend to promote activities that allow better integration among team members by doing something innovative.

To achieve better relationships it is not necessary that the activity be related to work and, if it happens on weekends, there should not even be any mention of professional activities, encouraging only a deeper relationship.

3. Activities outside the company

There are many activities that can be done outside the company environment, allowing the formation of team building and maintaining the integration among the members of a team. Some companies offer these activities in environments where employees demonstrate other skills and abilities.

Out-of-company activities will require greater interaction between people, creating conditions for mutual commitments, providing means for them to better integrate and maintain this condition at work.

4. Gamification techniques

Gamification is a technique that has become quite popular in recent years, basically consisting of elements of games, or playful, in daily and customary tasks. The work, in this way, will become more interesting, especially when the tasks are aimed at beating the opposing team.

Traditional quality programs, such as Kanban and 5S, when gamified, can provide points in performing tasks, evaluating the progress of each team and exchanging points for benefits or rewards.

5. Promoting interpersonal communication

Within the company or any group there are different types of communication and can be considered as main intrapersonal, interpersonal and intergroup. In team building activities it is important that there is interpersonal communication, allowing members of the work team to exchange information.

The company must therefore establish an organizational culture where communication is valued, where important information can be passed on to everyone and where all employees can have open channels for dialogue, creating a healthier environment.

6. High-performance leadership

A high-performance leader is a professional who defends the purposes and goals of the team, accepting risk-taking by its members. For the leader, it is essential to have the ability to convey continuous motivation to all team members, always seeking to do everything faster and better.

The presence of a high-performance leader is essential to maintain commitment and to establish team building, promoting the development of all professionals.