The organization of team building events should be done in a way that offers measurable results in the short, medium and long-term and therefore any such event should become unforgettable for the participants.

When scheduling a team building event it is necessary to analyze what its main objective is, from that definition, to establish the theme of the event, to make the activities fun and memorable and to keep the team united around the business objectives.

Offsite activities

In any team building event, activities must be performed outside the business environment. Participants should be taken to a place where everyone can feel comfortable, away from the routine of work, seeking to know better about their personal attitudes and behaviors.

During team building planning, therefore, it is necessary to have all the members of the selected team realize that it is more than a simple training, that is, it is a process of integration between the employees and it must be conducted.

The activities most remembered when it comes to team building end up becoming those that are not geared toward a specific agenda. Participants are led to collaborate with each other to achieve the determined goals and thus, any activity must be left to themselves, allowing them to demonstrate their skills and competencies.

The first goal of a team building activity is to make participants feel invigorated about their roles and be ready and determined to continue their activities after a day in the company of other professionals outside the work environment.

For example, it is possible to organize a day of activities where teams can be reorganized according to their own will, creating new links between employees and generating the perfect collaboration to achieve the objectives. In this way, each member will remember the event as something that changed their behavior and their way of seeing the company.

Include activities that offer hands-on lessons in team building

For any team building event to become unforgettable it is important to include activities that can offer practical lessons that can be used during the work day, thus filling the gap that is established, during the event, between fun and work.

In this way, team building members can establish relationships between what they are practicing and how they act during their professional activities, leading them to understand more deeply the objectives of the event.

Through this vision of team building, for example, the company can awaken in its employees a broader vision of what the organization expects of each one of them, their own responsibility for the activities they perform and if they feel more engaged and connected with the working environment.

To make an unforgettable team building event is to make the activities meet the standards of each member, that is, the selection of participants should be conducted in order to bring together people who may be in diametrically opposed conditions in the workplace, but who ethical, moral and professional principles.

In these activities is important the participation of company leaders, since this participation will increase the morale of the members, forming teams that are stronger and united. Company leaders will show that they are effectively contributing to maintaining a positive culture, improving the work environment, and delivering more lasting results.

The termination of the team building activities should be done in a way to maintain the union of the members, stimulating their engagement and strengthening the teams. Rewarding the winners in the activities is a way to make the event always remembered, discussed and celebrated, which will make the employees who did not participate are ready and willing to spontaneously sign up for the upcoming events.